The film, Untouchable, has been a huge success. Now here is the funny, moving story told in an easy-to-read version for new adults.

Abdel, an Algerian immigrant living in a Paris slum, applies for a job as carer to a wealthy quadriplegic, so that he can continue to claim benefits. Despite his lack of qualifications, he lands the job because of his attitude.

Philippe, the millionaire quadriplegic, wants a carer who will look after him without pitying him. As Abdel reluctantly learns to move, feed, and clean Philippe, the two men discover a blunt but vital humour that not only bridges the cultural and class divide between them, but gives Philippe a renewed joy in life.

It's easy to see what made Untouchable such a massive success; the story has a sweet sincerity and uplifting conclusion that make for a classic feel-good experience.

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Titel Untouchable; Friends for Life
ISBN 9781783220052
Auteur Philippe Pozzo di Borgo
Illustraties Nee
Taal Engels